Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simple Drawings

Miss Daisy really like to draw. Usually she'll sit with her textas, pencils or crayons and scrawl happily on her own. However, she also has a real passion for instructing others! Quite often I'll set her up with paper and pencils and she'll almost immediately request "cat" "cow" or sometimes "house".

"Cat" is her primary request so I decided to attempt to make my terrible drawings into something a little stimulating for Miss Daisy.

Now if she requests a cat I ask her to tell me what to draw. First come the 'biskers' then the 'face' then he usually gets a 'tail' followed by all the other important bits!

We've extended this more lately to include Miss Daisy coloring certain areas of a picture as instructed and using particular colours. ie. "Colour the door red" "Colour the roof blue" etc

Note the grass on the ground in front of the cow as instructed. Then she added the green to his mouth and said, "eat grass".

Have you turned something simple into a lesson?

It's nice to create fun learning experiences without our children even knowing!

On a side note:
This is how Miss Daisy has been spending her days at 'the farm'

And at home while Mummy packs and stacks boxes!

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