Thursday, March 1, 2012

Move It And It Becomes New!

We're moving in 19 days!! Less actually, as 20 days is settlement date. We actually will move in 16 days! Argh!

So many exciting things happening for us this year and March will be a very busy month that's for sure!!

Whilst boxing up some of our 'unused' items ready for the move I decided to stack boxes in Miss Daisy's room and move her play table and chairs into the lounge room! Well, it has become a whole new world of fun! She's spending a few hours a day independently playing at her desk. Yes, I did just say independently!

She colours, plays shops, cooks, has picnics. It's adorable. And it's without me! I find it so hard not to go in and disturb her as I peak at the door and listen to her games and quiet chatter!

She has always liked the table but it seems having added it to 'her mat' which she's played on since she was a newborn has changed it's appeal, she knows that it's part of her space!

Have you thought about changing your child's room? Maybe you already do it regularly.
Do you rotate toys? Open birthday presents gradually throughout the year?

I'd love to know your ideas for keeping play new and interesting.