Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Felt Board - Great Gift Idea

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

We've tried to go handmade with most of our Christmas gifts this year. Trying to use our 'special talents' to create unique gifts that will hopefully be useful and treasured.

Miss Daisy is certainly no exception and both Daddy and Mummy have had some little projects on the go! (And still on the go! How many days until Christmas!?!) Daddy brought home a half finished bed side table from work and has (partially) transformed it into a little kitchen stove for Miss Daisy to play with. We're hoping to develop a whole wooden kitchen over the next few years for her to play with!

One of my little projects was a felt board for Miss Daisy to play with. I've seen a few great felt toys which I've pinned on Pinterest and have since seen a fun felt play board over here.
I decided this would be an easy gift to make, one we could add to easily in the future and one that could be educational as well as enjoyable!

What you will need: 

A painting canvas (your choice of size) I made mine small enough to be handheld in the car etc
A large piece of felt to cover your board
A range of coloured felt to cut out your themed pieces
Glue-gun, Scissors, Stanley knife

How to:

Cut a large piece of felt that will cover your canvas and go around the edges
I placed some hot glue on the surface of the canvas and laid it on the felt, then I cut a square out of each corner equal to the edges to prevent bulk and used hot glue to secure felt around each edge, pulling it taut as I went.

Once you've covered your board in the desired colour you can set that aside and cut out your themed pieces (obviously this part can vary widely!)
I used a combination of scissors and a stanley knife to cut pieces depending on the size of the piece. Some were fiddly and had to be hot glued together (see curtains!) and others were just simple geometric shapes!

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Here are the themes I decided on:

Under the SeaJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

City ScapeJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea
Home Sweet HomeJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Five Little DucksJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea
Now of course Miss Daisy will be free to play with these as she wishes... and these 'themes' can be integrated into one another! I'm sure she will have some creative interpretations!
Here are a few of mine!

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Looking forward to seeing how Miss Daisy plays with it.
As time goes on I'd love to add a counting board, her name and perhaps some themes to match books she loves etc! 

The opportunities are endless!

Update: Here's a cute Three Little Pigs themed board I did for my nephews birthday recently! 

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