Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Craft & Putting Up The Tree

Hubby and I have never totally got into the hype of Christmas. Neither of us is really fond of receiving gifts and we generally don't get caught in the hype of the holiday. Well, now that we have begun the journey of having children I imagine Christmas will adapt a little bit as Miss Daisy and siblings (God willing) grow!

Here's a rundown of 'putting up the tree' at our place! :)
It's not quite as extravagant as that! Impressive though!

We were married 6 years ago (tomorrow!) and shared our first Christmas together in our little unit which we rented! We'd only been home from our honeymoon a few days but I remember we had our Christmas tree, stockings and presents all set out ready. I even remember exactly how the tree looked. 

Why? Well, it looks almost exactly the same today! 

We have the exact same tree with all the same decorations. It basically gets folded up (decorations still on) and put safely in the box ready to pull out the branches the next year and neaten everything up! I love it! It's so simple. We have added a few decorations over the years, including a cute 1st Christmas ornament Miss Daisy received from her Nanna last year!

But all in all it's as easy as pull out of the box and pull down the branches and presto! We've got a Christmas tree!

Over the last few weeks I've had the stamps out (while Miss Daisy was sleeping - we had a mishap with the ink pad and looked like a chimney sweep for a day or so!) and been stamping some Christmas themed Bible verses onto paper doilies.

I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for (I thought perhaps something with gift wrapping) and then my sister in law Hannah posted this! Which reminded me of THIS! I love love loved this fabulous party of Alyssa's which she did last Easter for her children.

Anyway, I decided that's how I'd use my little stamped doilies! A beautiful Christmas banner! I folded the tops of my stamped doilies over a touch then sticky taped some jute string to the back of each one underneath the fold. Then I stuck the fold down too! I used teeny tiny bits of sticky tape and probably could have used glue but was feeling a little lazy!

A great reminder hanging over our cute little Christmas display in our entryway!

PS. I'm loving the small tree for it's ability to set up on a table out of sight/arms reach of curious toddlers! :) Might keep our little tree tradition for a couple more years! ;)

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet?

PS. Don't be alarmed by only two stockings!! ;) I'm currently sewing Miss Daisy's stocking - along with a million other Christmas gifts! Eeek!

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