Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #6}

So this is a very late entry... and slightly selfish too! It's all about Miss Daisy! And they're all from the archives, but newly edited!

She's been 'taking up' so much more of my time lately which I've been thoroughly enjoying! Less time for the usual hobbies but it's amazing to see how much she is learning every day!

Some of my favourites at the moment:* Bringing a book to me and crawling on my lap
* Patting me on the back when she cuddles!!
* Saying "woof woof" at all animal pictures!
* Holding up her toy phone and saying 'hello'
* Kisses! :)
* And wiping her mouth after kisses!

Daddy took this one day when he arrived home from work! :)

Wow! Wishing I could have a set like these! :)

Her first craft for Daddy on Valentine's Day.

{Leaf veins}
Looks a little like veins on a leaf!

{Faceless Portrait}
Where it all began! :) Well, I guess this wasn't quite the beginning! 

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