Monday, June 6, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4}

{scavenger hunt sunday #4}

It's been a few weeks since I joined in with the Sunday Scavenger Hunt but here I am! :) Check out some of the other finds over at Ashley Sisk Photography.

Come on in and take a look - Miss Daisy seems to be in almost all of them this week! 

{Hot Hot Hot}

Our weekend away took us to Lithgow with the 4WD... the weather was a lot cooler and our poor little Daisy-girl was a bit under the weather... Mummy's beanie was the perfect solution to keep her HOT HOT HOT! 

{Finding Form}

Not exactly sure if this fits with the finding form requirements! But I loved the experience of walking through the long dark {railway} tunnel (with fascinating glow worms!) and coming out the other end to an amazing wonderland of sheer cliffs and lush ferns. 
This is my gorgeous niece enjoying the view!

{Front page of the news}

We don't really get the newspaper here... but the 'front page' in our family news was a midnight trip to the Emergency room with a very sick little girl 
(whilst away for the weekend)
Being her delightful self she probably wasn't the most convincing patient! Lucky her symptoms showed something was wrong!


I love love love hanging the 'little things' out! I remember the first load I did before Miss Daisy was born I wondered how you were supposed to hang them! Now it's second nature! 
This was a day of nappies and 'little things'! Lovely in the sun!


I don't wear a lot of jewellery and decided to take a different spin on this one... I love how much she loves the bath... and here you can see the water beading on her face! 
Lovely! :)

Looking forward to hunting for/photographing this weeks Scavenger items...

Long Exposure
Childhood Memory 

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