Friday, June 10, 2011

Recipe:: Pea and Fetta Fritters

This one's for Daisy-girl! 
But Mummy and Daddy enjoy them too!!

Do you ever use the recipes on the back of packets? 
You know how they give you suggestions on the sugar, flour, frozen vegetables and butter? 

Well, by coincidence I glanced at the recipe on the back of the peas a few weeks ago (something I don't usually do!) and came across this fantastic recipe. It's been made here a few times lately so I've tweaked it just a little to make it slightly more Daisy-friendly! 
And she loves it! 

It's also a yummy treat for Mummy or Daddy to eat... I had some today with a small salad! Delicious! :)

Here's how you make them... so easy and takes no time to cook, so everyone can be munching on the first batch while you continue to cook!

Super easy and a healthy snack for little ones!

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