Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

You might wonder what Peppa Pig boots and a toothbrush have in common! Add two dogs and a big backyard and you may no where I'm going...
These poor boots have sat waiting since Miss Daisy jumped one particulary muddy puddle at her 2nd birthday party!

On Sunday I was feeling particularly peppy (ha!) and after helping hubby split/stack firewood I decided to attack this yicky job! I stuck them into the fence to hold them steady and took the hose to them... however, they needed a little further attention... and this (now retired!) toothbrush seemed like a handy assistant!

You will be pleased to know they are now clean and sparkling! Ready to adorn Miss Daisy's feet again. Gumboots seem to be footwear of choice around here, whatever the occasion Miss Daisy will gladly slip on her boots!
What quirky 'costumes' have you had to put up with being worn time and time again!?

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