Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

Lately my girls napping has become more and more important to me. And napping simultaneously is... well, it's nothing short of exciting!

I took this shot one day last week. We had been into town and I was feeling rather tired... as we approached the house I noticed both girls were asleep... it must have only been this way five minutes or so... (you see where I'm going I'm sure!)

I pulled into the driveway and grabbed the mail - including a parcel, yay! And decided to reverse right on out and go for a leave them asleep as long as possible quick drive!

This isn't 'our waterfall' which is a 5 minute walk from our door... but another waterfall that is a beautiful long and winding drive through dirt roads and farms around 15 minutes drive from home.

When I arrived there was one car in the carpark (an older couple with visors sipping tea sat on the back) so I decided to keep driving... as I drove on I got to the final lookout and decided to grab a quick photo of these amazing falls. My dilemma was that I wanted to lock the car but I also wanted to leave it running so as not to wake the girls! (Can you guess what took precedence! I'm almost ashamed to say!)

I quickly grabbed my camera and switched it on... the sign said 60m to the lookout... I bolted down the wide bush steps in record time... held the camera in the air and pressed the button three times.... turned around with break neck speed and ran back up the steps, into the car, locked the doors and looked at my handiwork! Not bad!

Real Life here seems to revolve around sleep at the moment, or lack thereof! What's happening with you in real life!?

And tell me, what's the most desperate thing you've done to make sure your child naps!?


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