Thursday, June 11, 2015

You Have Cancer...

Three words. Three life changing, jaw dropping, pain inducing words. You. Have. Cancer.
But who delivers those words to a one year old?

My beautiful blogging friend Katey heard those words in February this year. Not about herself but for her little boy Finlay. And from there her world and that of her family was turned upside down.
Finlay was diagnosed with stage 4 hepatoblastoma. A rare form of childhood cancer.

Here's a little information about it from The Kids' Cancer Project.

Today Finlay is in a surgery that is expected to take 8 hours... And take most of his liver and diaphragm.
I know Katey is strong. But I find it hard to imagine how those 8 hours would feel.

Katey and I are part of a wonderful group of Aussie Bloggers who have become like a little family. And earlier in the year we came together and gave what we could to contribute to Finlay's Go Fund Me to support Finlay and his family financially through this difficult time.

Now as he continues with his treatment and surgery we decided to jump on board with something Ellen Degeneres started with the hashtag #justkeepdancing and we are dancing for Finlay! In support of him. To acknowledge his courage. To show we care. And to ask you to join us!

Kid's Cancer research plays a vital role in getting the right treatments for children. I was amazed to speak with The Kids' Cancer Project and realise just how much Australia is lacking when it comes to children's cancer treatment and research. Funds are needed to continue this research and to fight for chlidren like Finlay who deserve to have the treatments they need.

So without further ado... here is our little dance for Finlay! :) Keep fighting little fair haired hero!

Note: (I prewrote this post and hoped to insert a video of my girls upon editing it this morning. For a whole number of reasons that wasn't possible. So here's the baby and I dancing instead!)

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