Monday, June 22, 2015

Saying it out loud - Our family might just be complete

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I wrote and rewrote that title... and although I think it should, I just could not make it say 'I am not having any more children' or 'our family is complete'. And it should say 'we' in any case. Alas, this is a decision that, as we approach the first birthday of our little man, we find ourselves discussing. I must say there has been no definitive answer yet... but it's all leaning toward our family being complete!

Here's a few reasons why 3 is the finish line for our family:

1. Our house is full... practically speaking we are pretty much full up here! I remember telling hubby when we were first married that I'd love 5 children... he went over to the rickety wardrobe we had at the time and started pulling out drawers and opening cupboard tops and said, "And one will sleep here, and another here" and perhaps they could for a month or so.. but they do require a little more space as they grow!

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2. Morning sickness... I didn't experience this anywhere near as badly as other women I know. But I did find those early and final weeks exhausting the more children I had to look after during the pregnancy! And that nauseating feeling in those early weeks that just can't be shaken is just plain yucky! So this is one thing that I will not miss.

3. Pregnancy symptoms like indigestion and heartburn... I still have a jumbo pack of antacids in our medicine kit from those pregnancy days where heartburn causes had no rhyme or reason. They just plagued me and added to the uncomfortable state I was in! Even my beloved eucalyptus lollies turned on me in my last pregnancy - probably saved my teeth a little but that darn craving just wanted so badly to be filled. And there are so many other pregnancy quirks too!

4. Financial reasons always have to play a part in big decisions as grown ups. We are indeed practical people who budget, plan and spend our money wisely (well, we think we do!) But adding more children changes plans for housing, vehicles, education and so much more. So it's definitely a hot topic when it comes to family decisions.

5. Mama would go crazy if there were any other small people joining our crew at this point in time! We've gone with the one child every 2 years (approx) gap and although it's wonderful - it's also been hard work! So I can't particularly imagine being pregnant again in the next half of the year and having another 2 year gap... and I'm not sure we're up for a large gap either. Here's what I think we look like vs what we probably really look like most of the time! Bring on the teenage years! (Or not!) So parental sanity may play a part here too!


6. Our hospital of choice is getting further away. Well, that's not true, it hasn't moved and neither have we but it is an hour away and my labours keep getting quicker...  We did the hour trip in labour with Li'l Peppa and she was born 1 hour after reaching the hospital... with our little Lion Cub he was born 1 hour after my first contraction... and I don't much fancy having a baby on the side of the road... unless someone can get me a birthing pool roadside, stat!

7. We're completely and utterly content and feel blessed with the 3 amazing children we've been entrusted with on this earth! This feeling of contentment and being okay with not having another pregancy, another birth and another child is still a growing feeling for me (I think it came instantly for hubby). I'm so happy that I approached my last pregnancy and birth with the idea that it would be my last. Although then it was still a 'just in case' type of afterthought I am glad that moments in that pregnancy were secured even tighter as memories, knowing they may well be the last.

So there's some of my reasons, both serious and not, on why our family might just be complete, but most of all I am truly grateful for the blessing of our three amazing children. I am ever so privileged to be their mummy and to have their daddy by my side for this incredible journey of parenthood.

I am thankful that we fell pregnant quickly with each of them, that those pregnancies and births were straightforward and that we have three beautiful healthy children. By no means is that to be forgotten or overlooked... but I feel like in a way the positivity and absolute wonder attached to pregnancy, birth and motherhood for me is one of the things that makes it even harder for me to fully accept that I am in the season of not only first times but of last times as well.

Tell me, how did you feel when you realised that your youngest was your last? 

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