Monday, August 26, 2013

On my mind: I hate new things

Are you surrounded by like minded people? Do your friends share your ideals and passions?
Our home church family all have very similar ideals not only with our faith (obviously) but also when it comes to everyday living. 

Each of them inspire and instruct us on sustainable community living. We share produce when we can, make meals for one another when there's a need or often just because. And we all share a love for op shopping and vintage treasures. Many of my other family and friends share this passion for second hand finds too!

However, I think our love for op shopping spans further than just finding cool vintage bargains. My sister in law has often inspired me with her frugal ways and running her family on a small budget and my other sister in law hasn't bought anything new (maybe underwear) for nearly 3 years now (I think). 

Both of them motivated I believe not only by their own budgets but also with a heart for reducing waste, not supporting mass production of clothing/shoes/homewares overseas and for supporting local Australian business instead of multinational corporations. 

We live in a throw away society. Instead of learning to mend and sew we merely throw away that which is broken and buy another. Landfills are exploding, consumerism is growing exponentially and our children are being sucked along into the vortex. 

My SIL Hannah from Paint On The Ceiling (I'll link you to her when my laptop finds it in its heart to take the charger and fire up its battery!) has shared about The Story Of Stuff before and it is definitely worth watching. (Youtube it)

So what do those pretty shoes have to do with things?
I'd like to know how a pair of ladies shoes get here for $7? A child's T-shirt for $4. Ladies clothes for $10? 

And then I'd like to know why those prices for similar looking/feeling/manufactured products can double or triple because it is now tagged with a 'brand' name. 

I'm not sure which upsets me more. Seeing shoes like this sold for $7 or for $40!

So why did I buy them? Good question! 
I've looked and looked as I've scoured op shops lately and not found any flat shoes in my size. 
These were a temptation I didn't (not couldn't) resist!

I guess my stand is one of do my best and try to reduce my own spending on unnecessary or throw away type items. 
I think just being aware of how far things have come is something that often restricts my spending. Including grocery items. 

Anyway - I'm going to wear those shoes without any guilt but with a fascination over our society's consumption of 'stuff' and a wonderment at what people expect that 'stuff' will do for them. 

Funnily enough my hubby posted this quote on his Facebook profile this morning. I'm glad we're like minded too! ;) xxx