Monday, April 15, 2013

Love To Dream inVENTA Sleeping Bag - Product Review/Giveaway

Wow! Isn't that a loaded question! It's funny because in the last (nearly) three years as a parent there are some memorable night's sleep I can remember. Those nights where unexpectedly you awake with the morning light peeping through the curtains and wonder if it could really be true that you just slept all night!

The photo above shows you just some of the sleep paraphernalia we use to help both our daughter's settle off into a blissful night's sleep. Some nights it works just like that, they settle, others we are up and down constantly!

Miss Daisy seemed to settle into a fabulous sleep routine very quickly. We were quite deliberate in putting her down to sleep at certain times, putting her down awake to settle herself and lots of other things the book told us to do. It worked. She did the amazing 'sleep through the night' from around 12 weeks old. We had lots of hiccups over the following years with teething, sickness and other milestones interrupting sleep. But generally we all slept all night, fabulous!

Enter Li'l Peppa, 10 months and counting and the only full night's sleep we have experienced is her pulling all nighters when we're camping! Go figure! Lots of people say it must be the fresh air, hubby said perhaps the lack of oxygen in the tent!

However, even Li'l Peppa loves the routine of going down for a nap or bedtime at night. It's always the same and this helps her know that it's time for sleep and she settles off wonderfully on her own. (It's the waking through the night we've got to eliminate!)
A very important part of our early routine was swaddling with a nice stretchy wrap... however, Peppa was a wrigglepot and we transitioned to an infant sleeping bag around 5-6 months old.

I was recently sent a fabulous infant sleeping bag from the lovely team at Love To Dream to use and review.
Living in a cool climate I was excited to hear that Love To Dream have just developed a new inVENTA 2.5 tog Sleep Bag. Perfect for our cold climate!

Here's what we thought of the inVENTA Sleep Bag.

- soft bamboo lining, comfortable, hypoallergenic and breathable. And makes your baby extra snuggly!
- press studs to shorten or lengthen the bag, making each size last longer (we were given the 4-12 month size and at 10 months Li'l Peppa still has plenty of room!)
- full open side zipper is great for easily getting a wriggly baby into the sleeping bag!
- full open side zipper also reduces drying time significantly as the bag can be hung completely open.
- only need to fasten one shoulder, the other slips on like a sleeve
- holes to allow baby to stay in sleeping bag whilst in a 5 point harness (car seat, capsule or pram)

And finally the part that I really love - particularly living where we do, the night's begin quite warm, either naturally or because the fire is running. Then as the night turns to morning it becomes cooler in the house, especially from around 3am. The best part here is that the inVENTA sleeping bag has a unique zip system that encloses some mesh panels. This is an easy way to change the level of warmth your bag is delivering, keeping your baby/toddler at the perfect temperature.
So I can put Li'l Peppa to bed with the mesh panels unzipped and without disturbing her or having to change her clothes/bedding I can zip up the mesh panels allowing the heat to stay in the bag and keep her warm!

We've introduced several other changes since using the inVENTA sleeping bag so I'm not going to say it's a miracle cure! However, since using it, I have had a few memorable night's sleep where the hours between her waking were a lot longer than normal! :) And that makes me smile!

Would you like to WIN your very own inVENTA sleep bag for your baby or toddler? Well, you can enter our giveaway for a chance to win!

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(I was given an inVENTA sleep bag to review for this post - all opinions are my own.)