Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just another day. New directions. Old.

Hello. You made it through that long collection of photos. Aren't they blissful!
That was some of my day. It doesn't show the runny nose of a tired, teething baby with a cold. It certainly doesn't show the attitude from an overtired toddler who stayed up too late last night. And it doesn't show a mummy who let loose on an unsuspecting hubby tonight due to her own tiredness!

Anyway, this post will not make it to Google +, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. There's no text on my photos to make them pinworthy or any inclination in me to share this to the masses. So hello to you, reading this... maybe you 'followed' me oh so long ago. Maybe you get my posts in your inbox! (I do too and actually like the way they look!) Maybe you're family (hi guys!), maybe you happened to stumble upon my little blog some other way! Hello to you! 

This is us. This was a piece of our day. And this is where this blog began. 
No schedule, no photo takes and retakes, no need to document our play. We just play. We just are.
I think that's where I'm heading back to. I want to read the amazing commercialised blogs, not be one.

This place is for me to share my life and the loves of my life. And at this point in time I'm going to steer myself in a new direction, or perhaps an old one. 
Anyway, hello to you, reading this! :) I'd love you to comment and tell me how you found this little post on your screen! Hello to you - and I hope to see more of you in the future.