Monday, April 29, 2013


Miss Daisy is big on telling me she grew and grew in my belly lately. And then she came out just like this *lifts shirt and pulls dolly from under* "See mummy, I was born" Yes honey, just like that!
We had fun the other evening playing mummy's and baby's... she always gets so serious in her mummy role and I love the way she tenderly strokes my forehead when I go 'wah wah wah' with gusto!! She'll be a great mummy one day. One day. Daddy was a little put off by our game, not sure which pregnant lady scared him more!!

I remember early in my first pregnancy being about half way through and people asking had I had any cravings... no, I hadn't had any. I'd had a few food aversions, or more appropriately, things I couldn't bare to eat.
Then at around 28 weeks it hit me, hard. My dad and I were cleaning up a piece of furniture I'd bought off eBay. He wanted to give it a once over with eucalyptus oil too, just to make sure it was clean and hygienic. So we did. One whiff and I wanted to drink it... really bad. I refrained but went to bed that night with eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief, my pillow and the bottle on the bedside just in case reapplication was necessary throughout the night!

Needless to say drinking eucalyptus oil wasn't advised (I googled around - go figure) so I went to the store and bought the next best thing! Eucalyptus balls!

And the cravings took over. They consumed me. I was a slave to the eucalyptus ball. I hid them in my wardrobe, car, handbag, clothing. I went through packets and packets each day. I'd get my hubby to hide them. Then I'd make a 45 minute trip to go buy more! I'd beg him to tell me where they were hidden. It was ridiculous. And you know what, pregnant with #2 it happened all over again! Both times, after giving birth to these two perfect little koalas... I did not touch another eucalyptus ball!

This post was going to segue into an eloquent post on how I'm craving more at the moment in relation to this blog. I'm craving more meaningful activities with Miss Daisy and more meaningful exploration for Li'l Peppa. I'm craving better use of my time. Less influence online. More time in the garden. More food coming from the garden to my table (we used a heap of our silver-beet in tonight's cannelloni). I want that insatiable craving to become an unstoppable force that pursues and accomplishes those things.

And I want sleep... it's nearly tomorrow so it's good night. x
What are you craving?