Monday, November 28, 2011

Shortbread and Shopping

Well, it's that time of year again. Christmas is coming and oh so quickly!

My little blogging break was extended after my sewing blitz for the Just For Daisy facebook sale. Why? Well, we are expecting our second child in June next year! Unfortunately this little one has made his/her presence known thus far and I've been a little too under the weather for a lot of things, least of all blogging! 


However, with Christmas craft and cooking happening. Not to mention shortbread and shopping. I thought it was time I got back in the swing of things.

Here's a little of the fun we've been having lately!

We celebrated Christmas with my family last Saturday and Miss Daisy helped me to make a practice run of my delicious shortbread earlier that week. She had fun tasting the dough, then kneading, cutting and placing them on the tray!

She had a taste of this batch and liked what she tasted! When I baked the double batch of shortbread for the party she was watchful of my every move and quite keen to get some again! I explained to her we'd have some at the party tomorrow.

Well, when I went in to her on Saturday morning I cheerfully greeted her and explained, "We're going to a party today" She immediately replied, "Biscuit!?" :) Good memory!

So much is changing with Miss Daisy lately. Her language is developing amazingly and her memory is magnificent! We are able to discuss things that have happened in the past or which will happen in the future and she gets it! Yay! 

She's learned how to use the cute parrot puppet she got for her birthday from Nanna and Poppa! Complete with 'away' 'away' and 'squawk' 'squawk'!

Is it wrong to find the simplest of things so cute and clever! I think not!

Also in the Christmas spirit we did a little painting to make some cute Christmas wrap. Since we were baking cookies I decided the cookie cutters would make some great stamps... here is what Miss Daisy came up with... I finished off a few on my own! She grew a little bored!

This was really simple. Just green, red and white paint on a plate (I used a platter after seeing my sister in law Hannah use crockery for painting! Sure beats an icecream bucket lid!), a few Christmas cookie cutters and paper! Big paper in our case!! :) 

More on the shopping reference from my title later - we're looking forward to Miss Daisy choosing a toy/gift for under the Wishing Tree this year.

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