Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Low tech living & Chick Pea Salad

I don't know whether it's just adulthood or whether having children spurs it on - but we're in the mode of money saving and endeavouring to be wise & sustainable with our resources and money.

I've been reading blogs lately that I've found from keyword searches like, "Thrifty", "Frugal", "Simple Living", "Natural", and "Homemade"... they're full of great ideas for maintaining the family home whilst being environmentally friendly and watching your wallet!

I've been trying to think of some of the low tech options we use around the house to do just that!

Here's a few I could think of:

We are fortunate to have beautiful floorboards throughout our home with carpets in the bedroom only, I make a point to sweep the floors with our static mop each (well, most) day and vacuum in the bedrooms once a week. I mop with a 'dry mop' and a spray bottle filled with water and eucalyptus oil which saves lugging a bucket around, smells divine and is hygienic without chemicals!

We line dry wherever possible, not only is it better for our clothes but it's much more efficient. We use cloth nappies and the sunshine is the perfect sanitiser and whitener.

Reading books on paper instead of the computer! I guess this could also be in exchange for watching TV or playing computer games. Good ol' fashioned books to read! Try it! :)

Walking to the shops whenever I can is another simple way of saving money and the environment. We live only about a 10 minute walk from all the basic commodities; shops, medical centre, restaurants etc so we walk whenever possible. Miss Daisy loves to go in the pram and see the sights, and it's great exercise for us and our puppies!

I'm sure there are others that we do that I'm missing! But these are some I've been thinking about lately. What do you do that's 'low tech' in this age of technology?!

Being pregnant is one of the most difficult times for me in relation to eating! I really want to eat healthy and yet for some reason my body (brain?) tells me all it wants is hot chips and gravy! Actually that's wrong, the other day it told me to have Cheese & Bacon Balls! What the!!??

Well, today I made the most delicious salad and my brain and my body are both thanking me!

It's a really simple one and quite versatile... you should try it!!

You can play around with this recipe a lot, adding your favourite fresh salad ingredients! I ate mine today with some salmon! Mmm mmmm! Such a beautiful, crispy, fresh salad!

Much better than chips and gravy!

Miss Daisy is up so we're off to the shops... :)

Don't forget to comment with your own low tech cost saving solutions! I'd love to add to my list! :)

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