Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everyone needs a nook.... here's mine!

Have you noticed that we all need a little bit of space that is ours?
Somewhere you can leave things out and not put them away, a space that is simply defined as 'mine'.

My poor husband once had to put up with a whole room being 'mine'. We called it the study, but really it held all of my treasures (and all of my mess!)

The desk held the computer which of course we shared... however, the desk was also my sewing space, scrap booking space, a place to mark homework and assignments, a place to write programs. His space consisted of one shelf on the bookshelf and a plastic tub in the wardrobe which held my sewing supplies and spare coats!

The 'study', our second room in a house of two now belongs to our daughter... and boy did she bring a lot of 'stuff' with her when she came! So the room no longer belongs to hubby nor myself! It is Scarlet's!
As she grows I'm sure her possessions will too and our space in that room will diminish!

Daddy still possesses one shelf in Scarlet's wardrobe - the things Mummy couldn't bear to sort out and put in the garage for him!
And Mummy - well I've still got half the wardrobe, the half I share with board games and quilts! But it is home to my boxes of fabric, sewing machine, cutting board, buttons, baubles etc!

Now coming to the part about a nook, that's not my nook. As I can't sew within the cupboard... and so, I take over some of our 'bedroom', room one in the house of two!

This is my nook as it looks today... there are extra boxes of fabric scattered on the floor... the ironing board is up for pressing seams and there are numerous quilting projects scattered on the bed.

The latest of the projects has been a floor quilt for Scarlet as I was amazed to see the price of a small play mat in the shops when I had so much 'scrap' fabric at home.... the second was a surprise for my niece... much the same to Scarlet's quilt... and the third is a little birdy mobile which I will blog about tomorrow! Once I've gathered some twigs!

Here is my little girl on her quilt - love the toy from Aunty Hannah too! x

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  1. Oh wow! My 'nook' has changed so much even just since then! :)


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