Thursday, September 9, 2010

And then there were three...

So I've pondered for 7 weeks now what life was like before Scarlet... and I cannot come up with any real answers. We are now three!

Life as a Mummy is markedly different to teaching a classroom full of children.

Firstly, I never had to change any nappies at school - although I was far more grossed out by the picking of noses or grotty hands and faces!
Secondly, the children in my class had to stick to my timetable - I'm running by Scarlet's clock a lot of the time!
And finally - although there are many more reasons life is different... I am happy with a lack of sleep, content with a groundhog day style of life and excited to see my little girl grow and change each day!

So why a blog?

Well, it seems as baby sleeps Mummy has a little time on her hands... and is quite restless for something to do!

So it's time to bring out the things that I love... writing, sewing, cooking and teaching.

Let's see where that takes me!