Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Art of Deception

Monday had it's ups and downs. Just like most days here.
We watched TV, fought over toys, wouldn't get dress, dawdled, stole a pack of chocolate biscuits fromt he pantry... and so on and so on! By we, I mean those two cuties in pink!

Do you see all of that in this picture? No?
Let me give you a little more background...

The girls are dressed the same... all cutesy! Grandma made these dresses and gave them to us on Sunday... so everyone was excited to wear them on Monday... when it all became too much at around 11:30 when our little lion cub decided that his nap should be well under an hour and his sisters weren't even distracted by the television anymore I declared that we were going out!
The girls were dressed in their new dresses (yes, pj's only came off at 11:30), lion cub a little more casual in trakkies and a hoodie... and then, we never made it out the door. While I dressed the baby the girls started playing a beautiful game of Barbies and were totally occupied... I threw little cub in the room with them while I got dressed and he stayed, he played, happily! So I changed my mind. We'd stay home after all.

That brings us to two matchy matchy girls baking cookies. Looks like a magazine shoot - when really it is just the way our day panned out!

Later as we made lunch together, Little Peppa decided she'd like to make cookies. So we did. And I couldn't resist this photo. I figured by sharing it on facebook it might fetch a few likes as people checked it out and perhaps a comment from Nanna... but it got more, lots of comments on the cute kids (fo sure!) and then also about our kitchen... which is new... and shiny... and cool. But it got me thinking...

The intentions behind the photos we post cannot be read through the image.
The totality of our day cannot be read through the image.
The photo is a chosen snapshot. A snippet. A tale we create.

Don't forget to share the nitty gritty details. The downs as well as the ups.
Let's not fool each other into thinking the grass is greener... it's most definitely not.

We had a wonderful, wonderful day.
Clothes matched. So did the cookie dough smears that they were covered in.
Babies cried. And cried.
And we had a wonderful wonderful day! All of it! :)