Friday, March 13, 2015

Something like Baby Led Weaning. And a giveaway for you!!

COMPETITION CLOSED: Winner - Kate Lloyd, Congratulations!

Can you believe this little lion cub of ours is over 6 months old! How in the world does that happen!?
I can't believe that we've had half a year with this gorgeous boy and love seeing his little personality emerge!

We're delving into the stage of experimenting with first foods and I'm taking a similar approach to how we approached food with Li'l Peppa... relaxed, informal, non routine... you get it... I'm mostly saying that he's a third child and he'll get food when Mumma remembers or there's some form of scrap to throw his way! ;)

Because Li'l Peppa wasn't sleeping well at 4 months the early childhood nurse told me we should try starting solids. This only made her oh so much more unhappy and I went off that idea and she was almost exclusively breastfed until we tried again with food at 8 months or so. She'd have the crusts off Miss Daisy's toast or a rusk or piece of vegetable here and there but mostly we just left it.

This little guy seems to love food... he is more than happy to gobble down roast pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot and of course he loves anything with apple in it! We don't seem to like banana! (At both ends!)

He's also had a few of the prepackaged purees (mostly fruity) which was the trap I fell into with Miss Daisy and led to her having quite a sweet tooth as a baby... beware of hidden 'apple' in lots of those blends to sweeten them up!

And of course anything that you can hold onto and munch on is fun too! He wasn't sure about the flowery end of the broccoli but the stem itself he was quite happy to munch and suck on!

I was lucky enough to have the lovely people at Funky Giraffe Australia send me some fabulous bandana bibs for our groovy little man to wear. You can also find them on facebook.

He's a real dribbler so these are perfect for wearing at all times to keep his clothes super dry and also great for meal times as they have plenty of coverage!

Funky Giraffe have got lots of great designs using different fabrics and they're offering a $25 voucher for one of my readers to get a nice stash of bibs for their bub too!

Head over to their website and tell me in the comments below which bib design is your favourite for your chance to win the $25 voucher!

And you can check out the cute flipagram of our lion cub with his collection of Funky Giraffe bibs on instagram! 

Competition open to Australian residents only. 
Entries close on Friday 20 March 2015 AEST
Winner will be notified by email and if not responded in 5 days a new winner will be drawn. 
Good luck!