Friday, July 5, 2013

Some snaps and a video of our holiday fun so far!

We're nearly halfway through our holidays... but we've had the absolute best start! We had my niece's 4th birthday party on Sunday just gone... where we dressed up and had a fabulous time! My clever sister made this Barbie box for the kiddies to use for a photo booth!! Fun!

The following day we headed 500km or so west and met up with Aunty Hannah from Paint On The Ceiling and her precious family in their fabulous new home! Our girls LOVED spending the week with their cousins.

When we arrived Hannah told me she was hoping to make a cousins video like the family video she made of their first few weeks settling into their new home. After much consideration... well no, I immediately agreed that this was totally necessary and an absolutely fabulous idea!!

Here is a snippet of the fabulous week of memories our kids created! Isn't it fabulous! :) While it loads take a wander over to Paint On The Ceiling for 3 Great Reasons to Take More Family Video! You really should take more - I know we're going to!

I'm off to enjoy my final week with the family while hubby is off! Hope you're enjoying your school holidays, Summer breaks or just making the most of your everyday! xxx