Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I've never been so interested in the weather as when we've lived in our current home.

Did you know we've been here one whole year already this month! I'm a tad disappointed by how little has changed in that time.. But boy oh boy two precious girls have changed a whole lot!

I'm writing this as I think it onto my iPhone in bed late at night. The rain is falling on our tin roof and making such a wonderful sound. Heavier. Then lighter. Then heavy once again.

I love that sound. It's the best feeling to know that we are filling our tanks with these generous night time showers. Which means we can fill sinks, baths and garden beds over and over.

But we are also lovers of the sun. Our solar panels have been bringing us a healthy credit over Summer. A good buffer ready for the Winter months that will creep upon us all too quickly.

We've already filled our wood shed to the brim with timber ready to warm our home from it's heart. Our wood fire that sits in the middle of the house. It's nice to rely on these things. We've lit the fire on a few cold mornings already, it's got the most amazing warmth!

This home keeps life simple. But busy. Full. God has been good and we have had the perfect mix of sun and rain to keep everything running smoothly. Just as our tanks were nearly empty, we've been blessed with an abundance of rain which has completely filled our 3 tanks, 55,000 litres replenished once again!

It's nice to feel a little more reliant on the weather, the seasons and the earth than what we did in suburbia.