Monday, March 4, 2013

Fantastic Gymnastics

During Term 4 in 2012 (seems so long ago!) we started Miss Daisy at gymnastics!

It wasn't the easiest of tasks because Li'l Peppa was only a few months old and it was right on her morning nap time. But I wanted to make sure that Miss Daisy was active, engaged and playing with other children as much as possible. She was also slightly uncoordinated so thought it would do her good! Occasionally Li'l Peppa would sleep in the pram or cuddle up to me in our Ergobaby carrier. Now Li'l Peppa crawls around the mat and chases the other kids!

Miss Daisy has developed sooo much in the time that we've been going! She has gained confidence in climbing, jumping off things, swinging and balancing. Miss Daisy is really good at following instructions and loves to listen to 'teacher Kim'. I think this formal yet informal structure is fabulous for early learning that will help them transition to preschool and school easily.

One of her favourite activities is the parachute (I loved this as a child too, who didn't!) She loves to run around and quickly jump on the colours when they're called. And of course she loves to lift it up and down and hide underneath, feeling the magic of it bubbling above her then swallowing her up!

It is still a tricky time of morning whilst Li'l Peppa is only 8 months old and still napping well at that time of morning when we're home. But it's one day a week (added to grocery day and a day for playgroup we generally have three of these days!) and it's worth it!

We are hoping to start Miss Daisy in swimming lessons again soon. And I know she'd love to do dancing but I'm not sure if that will become a little 'too serious' too quickly - I hear that's the case with dancing classes.

What do your toddler/preschool aged children do? Lots of activities? Just one?
How do you prioritise them into your budget? I'd love to know what you do... :-)