Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real Life Wednesday - get over it

I've got one of those really realistic husbands. Super calm, super level headed and just all round good tempered! Sorta, kinda a little bit the opposite to me! :) I'm generally the same but for some reason my stress levels increase long before his!

This picture was taken last Monday when Miss Daisy (who takes after her Daddy), Li'l Peppa and I went to the new park up the road while our cleaner did the house! It was obviously the first slide of the day (it was 9am and we're the only ones who use the park anyway!) and the rain from the night before had well and truly settled all over the park.

This was the result of that first glorious slide. A very wet backside! It made me think of two things.
1. I would not have gone down the slide as soon as I'd seen it was wet, the joy of sliding would not be worth the wet backside in my opinion.
2. I would not have wanted to play after getting the wet backside.

Miss Daisy however was insistent on sliding, there was too much fun to be missed! And, she was more than happy to continue to flounce around in her tutu as though nothing had happened. She got over it. She continued on. She enjoyed the park.

When it was time to go, I suggested it would also be a good opportunity to get changed. "Yes Mum, because I'm all wet" was her reply. She knew it all along... but hadn't let it bother her. 

Perhaps sometimes we adults should take a look at our children's reactions. Deal with a wet butt once in a while and the joy that continuing to play on brings!

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