Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yummy Banana Bread {Recipe}

One of my favourite things to cook (and eat) is Banana Bread. I found this recipe on a few years ago and absolutely LOVE it!

I made it yesterday for my neighbours who have just had a beautiful baby girl, Charlize, or Charli as they're calling her. She's divine! She seems sooo small but was 8lb 9oz - my Daisy girl was 8lb 10oz so she was once that small! Amazing!

I tend to buy extra bananas just so that we won't be able to eat them and I'll "have to" make Banana Bread or Banana & Date Muffins. Mmmmm...
Two things that I like to do when it comes to Banana Bread... 

1. I freeze bananas that I can't use straight away, yep, throw them in the freezer peel and all. They defrost well or can be used frozen in smoothies etc!

2. I slice the cooked Banana Bread and wrap each slice in cling wrap, then I put them in a sealed container and into the freezer! Quick and easy to grab a slice out of the freezer in the morning to take to work OR put it straight in the microwave or sandwich press for a quick snack!

So here is my recipe! 

Enjoy!! :)