Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I wonder how many posts I've titled this way. A few. Perhaps a lot. But I like coming here with gathered photos, sweet memories and lots of sentimental thoughts and recording what we've done lately. It's so nice to record our daily happenings and to relive all these beautiful moments with my family. 

Instagram is really my go to space for sharing and interacting. The community there seems real. Connected. Involved. Encouraging. I love that space.

We've now got a crawler in the house again. So I find myself being summoned to wherever the girls are playing to remove their inquisitive brother quite regularly! And of course his favourite thing in the house is the fireplace - beckoning him with it's dancing flames!

Miss Daisy is fast approaching 5 and I really cannot believe it! She's quite excited and we're in the throes of organising all 3 kids parties! Are we mad?!

Our Daisy girl is truly a rich blessing in our family. I marvel everyday at her amazing character and the way she looks after the other kids and looks after me. She is patient, gentle and brimming with kindness and generosity. And she is guiding her baby sister in the same delightful ways which is so wonderful to see. 
I am so thankful for her and really cannot wait to see her beautiful character evolve as she grows!

Li'l Peppa will be 3 soon and I love all her lovely little quirks. She is the cutest darn thing with her cute little voice and funny little mannerisms. I would truly pause right here with her if I could. She likes to be a big girl but is also happy to curl up and be my little baby again. She still sleeps for 2-4 hours each day and all night long! Her catchphrase is usually, "I'm tired!" and that starts from around 9am! 

She has changed so much this year and it has been exciting, frustrating and ever so delightful to watch those changes. She has the kindest heart. If she's stealing something from the pantry she's always stealing for two! Never forgets her sister! And loves to talk about all of her 'best friends in the whole wide world!' 

And our little lion cub. Well he is not so little at all. I cannot believe we're approaching a whole year with this little guy! He's such a calm and happy baby. Big smiles, big waves, lots of clapping. Life is his oyster!
That is until you put him down, take away his spoon or tell him no when he goes toward the fireplace!

This little guy is crawling and loves the freedom that brings to take himself wherever it is he'd like to go! Usually he ends up at my feet clapping to come up up up... or at the fireplace and generally coming up by default to get him away!!

So many memories being made every day with these three little souls. I cannot believe we've been entrusted with these darling children and love spending my days with them no matter how long the days can feel!!