Thursday, April 10, 2014

A little of us

Life has been changing around our parts. Li'l Peppa has weaned which has left me relieved to have some time where my body is mine before the baby comes mid year! Although the growing bump makes me wonder if my body has been mine at all in the last 5 years!

Miss Daisy made an absolutely gorgeous flower girl for one of my best friends last month. It was a beautiful wedding for a gorgeous couple. 

The girls are forging a friendship that is wonderful to witness. But Li'l Peppa is also gaining confidence and asserting herself more (if that's even possible!) So we can go for deep friendship to conflict quite quickly! Pink plate anyone?!?

I'm finding I can set them both up with the same activities lately and not have to modify what we're doing which is a nice change. Although Miss Daisy's attention span and attention to detail still surpasses her little sister by a lot!

Most of all I love that my loves are becoming their loves. Miss Daisy requests to sew and bake almost every day and we all love to explore our bush surroundings. 

I'd love to know who's still reading over here! I have set new priorities with blogging nowhere near the top... And it's been a wonderful change. 

However, I miss the interaction over here and the ability to record what we're doing so I'm finding my feet and will blog here irregularly with boring details of our life and insta-fied photos of our happenings!

Would love to have you with me!