Monday, November 11, 2013

Spring Blog Hop - Flower Press Craft - Flower Fairy Cards

Miss Daisy has a keen interest in the seasons, one reason I think is that we did an Autumn leaf collage which has hung on our art wall proudly for months and spurred on many conversations on what season it is and what's happening to our trees... and the other is because Peppa Pig shows all seasons, so yes, our sense of seasons is sometimes a tad warped. Put it this way, my Daisy girl is expecting snow for Christmas!

Spring time has proved to be a hit for my garden loving girl, with our own garden in full bloom and plenty of extra goodies from our neighbours we've used our bounty of flowers, leaves and seed pods for lots of fun and games. And just as it was getting awfully dry around here we've been blessed with a few days rain!

In particular though, we've enjoyed using the flower press that Daddy made for the girls. The joy on Miss Daisy's face as she opened that flower press and saw those big blossoms made thinner than paper was fantastic! You know what, my face probably mirrored hers a wee bit!

If you haven't quite got around to making your own DIY flower press then you could put some flowers and leaves between a few tissues and press them under some heavy books! I love this method because if you date them.... you might come back years later and find some that you forgot you'd even put in!

Here's something we enjoyed creating with our pressed flowers:

Card making has been popular around here of late as Miss Daisy and I have been the grateful recipients of lots of help and special gifts as she lays low with her broken leg.
This means a need for lots of thank you cards... 

To make these pretty cards we gathered:
- two colours of paper/card
- flower fairy shapes cut from card (roughly drawn by hand!)
- scissors/glue
- pressed flowers
- pencils

Upon us came the moment of truth. Peeling back our tissue paper ever so gently and finding these gorgeous flowers! Aren't they amazing.
We then chose which flowers would suit our fairies best, something for dresses, hats and Miss Daisy even decided on adding in some grass and flowers for her fairy to frolic amongst. I had to be quick to ensure my fairy was dressed too!

I'm in the process of letting go a little bit and allowing Miss Daisy to do more and more for herself when we do painting and craft. She wanted to fold the card herself (I usually pre-fold them before we start) and I was really pleased she showed an interest! It was rather neat for a 3 year old and she was proud as punch as she pressed it down nice and flat!

And then we glued our flower fairies onto our cards. We covered the fairy with a piece of clean paper to smooth it out and press it on to ensure we didn't take off the delicate flowers. I love Miss Daisy's attention to detail and her voicing her concern to herself at the flower's vulnerability "gently lift it off, really slow". She's patient like that, never rushing, always content to wait, take it easy or try again. 

Don't you just love them sitting on our coffee table! One travelled with us to Scarlet's Great Gran today for her 94th birthday!
The beautiful paper flowers were for Miss Daisy from a special neighbour, they've made both of us smile! And are a long lasting bloom to bring Spring inside!

What does Spring mean to you and your family?

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