Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Peppa's Birth Story - 6 months old already!

I really can't believe it but our beautiful little Peppa is 6 months old! How does time just continue to disappear now that we have children? As with Miss Daisy's birth, I wanted to share her birth story here with you. We actually documented on hubby's iPhone in short hand when 'important' bits happened in this surprising and fast labour/delivery! 
The story is still long..even though it was short!! 

The day before Little Peppa arrived we'd had my brother in law & sister in law visiting and had a lazy afternoon pub meal followed by a walk through town looking in an antique store and heading home for some homemade pumpkin soup.  We'd nearly cancelled because Miss Daisy had been throwing up the night before, but she seemed great that morning so we went with our plans. I had carried Miss Daisy (at the time nearly 2yo and about 11kg) around on my back in the Ergobaby carrier as we walked, it was only around half an hour or so. I was comfortable with her there but our baby girl just felt lower and lower as the day wore on! I think I remember remarking to my sister in law about understanding how some women have said the baby just fell out, I felt like she might!

That night my own brother and sister in law and their two kids arrived late and readied themselves for a day of 4WD'ing the following day. The mums were to stay home with the kids.
At around 11pm I went to bed... but came back out at around midnight saying to the others that I felt ill. After going to the toilet I went back to bed... only to wake up an hour later (everyone else was asleep now) and start throwing up, a lot!
I decided to head back to the lounge rather than into bed, knowing this wasn't the end of me feeling ill for the night! And oh boy it wasn't... I went back, over and over again!
Having been ill with a vomiting bug at 35 or so weeks with Miss Daisy I was ready for the Braxton Hicks (BH) that would come with the horrible feeling of keeling over to throw up with a big belly in the way!

At around 3am my darling hubby came dashing out the bedroom door, unaware I'd been up sick, ran straight past me on the lounge and into the bathroom... he'd caught it too! Argh! So the two of us played tag in the toilet, each time wiping down with the dettol wipes and bleach spray, aware of our poor guests in the guest bedroom next door! (Hubby not the quietest when being sick! Is that a male thing?)

Anyway, that's the introduction! Because as you know... a beautiful little girl was born the very next day! Two weeks early but perfect in every way!

In the morning my brother and sister-in-law had a quick breakfast and swiftly made their way out the door... the open trials in the bush behind our place seemed a lot more inviting than our little house of sickness!

Hubby and I had both stopped throwing up by around 9am but still felt quite lousy! I hadn't felt our baby kicking much between the throwing up and BH so I rang our midwife and she suggested heading to our local hospital (not where we planned to birth) just to check on baby. We started driving, in the thick fog and rain... and about 5 minutes from home I begged hubby to take me home, knowing they'd admit me for IV fluids and he'd have to look after Miss Daisy on his own for the day. We turned around. I won. And I'm glad I did.

I began to feel slightly better as the morning went on but hubby slept on the lounge still feeling drained and horrible. Miss Daisy was fine but didn't want to nap, much to our dismay! We tried and tried!

At around 2pm I started to feel what I knew were more than BH contractions! I decided to wait a while and see what happened. The next 15 minutes they came quickly and they came hard. It felt exactly like labour had with Miss Daisy. I decided to call my mum (although she was nearly 2 hours away that day!) "Mum, I think I'm in labour" "Where's Chris?" "Asleep, we've had a spew bug all night" "Call midwife, rest and see what happens" and of course the I love you's and will come home if needed etc etc!

So I called our midwife, (I love you S...but due to my calmness and non-pain feeling!) she told me I probably wasn't in labour and it was just a side effect from being sick. Rest, stay calm and you'll know when you're in labour, you probably won't be able to talk through contractions like this! Okay... I called back around 2:45pm and explained that due to being an hour from the hospital we'd make the trip down anyway and call her when we were closer if it was the real deal... I was pretty sure!

By 3pm I'd packed a bag (of sorts!), woken a surprised daddy who felt much better with a kick of adrenaline and bundled Miss Daisy and ourselves into hubby's Suburu WRX. We drove along the country roads and down the mountain to get to the hospital. It was bumpy. It was slow. There was rain. Fog. And we followed a truck and a car towing a motorbike trailer! Miss Daisy slept, I moaned a little and after an hour in the car, we made it!

We called our midwife from the bottom of the mountain (half hour from hospital) saying we'd be heading straight there. We arrived at the hospital at 4pm and I had an internal which confirmed that I was 5cm dilated and Saci informed me we'd be having a baby tonight! Woo hoo!
At 4:40pm my father in law came into the exam room and took Miss Daisy back home to be with him and Grandma, I gave some brief instructions amidst contractions and said good bye!
At 4:50pm I was in the shower in our birthing suite (same one as with Miss Daisy) and I was loving it! I had gone straight into the bath with Miss Daisy but S's suggestion of the shower and the upright position meant with every contraction I could feel our baby getting lower and lower... it was such a good feeling. I had to bend my knees with each contraction as I felt the pressure of her moving lower and lower. I had been adamant I'd want to be in the bath the whole time again but the shower definitely moved her down quickly and efficiently. At around 5:30pm I hopped into the bath. It was such a beautiful thing to be in the same room, same bath and surrounded once again by my husband and an amazing midwife whom I trusted. The bath made contractions easy to manage and we listened to loud music once again!
After our move we were unable to have the homebirth we wanted as we were out of area for the hospital. I was a little worried I wouldn't get the birthing suite with the bath and wondered what my labour/delivery would look like without it. My sister had given birth in there only a week before and the birthing unit was full. The night we came in we were the only ones there! I got my room no worries! Praise God!

I remember last time using our midwife's guidance a lot. I needed that because I had never experienced birth before. However, this time it all felt familiar. I felt comfortable and ready for our little girl to be born. S allowed me to make the decisions on when to push and left just Chris and I in the room right up until I told Chris I was ready to have that baby! I can remember him telling me the time a lot and saying how we'd be cuddling our baby before such and such a time. I remember telling him, "I'm not in that moment yet, let me be in this moment!" and he promptly stopped telling me the time!
At 5:50  I began pushing. It was such a good feeling. It didn't feel strange or unnerving like it had with Miss Daisy. I trusted that my body was doing exactly what it needed to do. I remembered how it felt and remembered what to do. I felt as though our baby was moving her way out without me really doing much anyway. At 5:55pm as I pushed during my next contraction my waters broke. Some pressure was relieved instantly.

It would only be one more contraction and our little girl was with us. As her head was crowning S told me to wait without pushing. I clearly remember not pushing but feeling her continue to move and all of a sudden her head was born. There was laughter in the room as I exclaimed defensively, "I wasn't pushing!" Then with one last push our beautiful daughter was born into the water, caught by her daddy and passed up to my waiting arms.

She didn't cry at all. She was covered in thick vernix. And she was absolutely perfect.
At 6:02pm that wintery night, Ivy Joy joined us in the world!

There was a lot of laughing and excitement in the room as her arrival had been rather quick!
After a while Daddy cut the cord. The placenta was birthed. (This time I checked it out but still forgot to ask for a photograph!) And only two short hours after she'd left, big sister Daisy-girl came back to meet her new sister, whom she'd been determined all along to call Peppa. Here she was. A real baby.
We left hospital the next morning and had a short babymoon at G'ma and G'dads so that we could have our midwife visit each day. Li'l Peppa is now 6 months old and an absolute delight. She brings us much joy every day. Her big sister is so proud and is an amazing little playmate and guide for her in this world!

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