Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Daily Grind:: AKA Daisy starts school!

We've done it - we survived a full week of school! Miss Daisy was thrilled to have the holidays come to an end and begin her primary school journey!!
We're fortunate to have several 'small schools' nearby and have enrolled her there and are enjoying the benefits of a small school community. 
This year the numbers are lower than normal but hopefully this will grow again in the next few years. Ebbs and flows are certainly part of small school life. 
Here's her whole school assembly on the morning she started! 

And here she is explaining to Li'l Peppa how to look after Lion Cub and that she'll be home on Saturday and Sunday to play!! It was a very serious conversation. 

Even the Swimming Carnival is small scale. But successful and lots of fun. 

And the three of us are growing used to the drop offs and pick ups and the quiet that comes from our group leader not being around to guide and set the tone for our day. 

Did you send a little one off to school for the first time?!