Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Handmade Christmas Creations

It's no secret that I love things that are handmade. However, the busyness of life with 3 little ones seems to have stolen some of my creative flair, let alone any time I may have for creativity... personal space is enough to ask for some days!

However, it's Christmas! And Christmas calls for some handmade fun. My girls really enjoy making crafty creations and have been busily creating cards, banners, posters and other cute Christmas things the past few days.

Well, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't get busy and create something myself, so here's what I've put on the to do list for these days leading up to Christmas.
I love that having a few crafty pursuits on my agenda helps me stay away from the distractions that technology and social media offer and just get busy with my hands!

1:: I think that this gorgeous Stable Where It All Began will make a cute gift for the children's 3 great grandmothers this year. My girls will happily help with a few stitches or some cutting/positioning of these simple shapes and I'll enjoy stitching the rest of it together.

Nativity Ornament

2:: All little people LOVE little finger puppets! Their fingers are just itching to bring them to life!

And these cute Nativity Finger Puppets are no exception! I'm hoping to get a set of these done for our family.. and if I am up to mass production perhaps for my nieces/nephews too!

They'd make such a lovely tradition to get out each Christmas and retell the story of the First Christmas.

3:: These Felt Star Ornaments are super cute! Waldorf crafts always suck me in for their simplicity and their whimsical beauty. These are not letting me down in either of those departments, I was pleased to find these pictures that give me a clear idea how to make these. I think we'll add in a dob of glue on each bead from the glue gun and we'll be happy!

Are you crafting anything special this Christmas?