Saturday, June 6, 2015

My child, my teacher

This girl is determined, patient, levelheaded and kind. She does not get phased by her baby brother crying. She soothes him, entertains him and tends to his needs. 

She is not usually troubled by her little sister joining in on her fun. She makes room, she giggles and she shares her treasures with the one who looks up to her as though she has all the knowledge and wisdom in the world. 

This girl has a heart for others that surpasses most 'older' people I know. She is empathetic to others needs and feelings and meets those needs where she can. 

She schools me. She gently rebukes me. And she doesn't have to say a word. 

I love watching her grow. I love seeing her personality develop. Most of all I love that even in all my imperfections I have not ruined her yet!! She is my sidekick, my helper and my anchor in the day. 

She is a safe place for her siblings to rest if mummy is busy. She will watch over them and fill needs as she sees them.

My heart aches as I dream upon her future. As I hope above hopes that friendships, relationships, health and life's progressions do not take away this amazing countenance that she possesses at such a tender age. 

I have hope for her future. 
I have confidence for her future. 
I am insanely proud of her. 
I am fiercely protective of her. 
And I am humbled to be her mother.