Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 Fete Friendly Recipes - Perfect for the Cake Stall

This weekend is a busy one for us. It's our state election day and the local school runs a cake stall at the hall where voting takes place. Last year I made a few things... amongst those was 3 dozen hot blueberry muffins which were popular with the first voters at 8am!
I'm not super keen to rise at 5:30am this year to start baking so I've decided to go with some other recipes that I can make in advance and a few that I'll do on Saturday morning!

1. Banana Bread
Cake stalls are funny things... some people want to buy a full cake to enjoy where others are there for something to nibble on immediately. I'll make a loaf of my Banana Bread to go with the full cakes for sale!

2. Shortbread
My mum gave me a Donna Hay Christmas recipes book last Christmas and it's got a delicious recipe for shortbread! It's amazing! I've made it twice this week already (Oops!) and will make one or two trays full for the cake stall! I couldn't find the Donna Hay recipe I'm using on the web but this one looked amazing!
Basic shortbread

3. Giant Freckles
These look simple but fun for kids to bug their parents for on the day! And they're cheap to make and therefore cheap to sell which is great for impulse cake stall buyers!
Big Freckles

4. Scones
Scones are popular and I must say that my scone recipe is to die for! These are easy to make in bulk and will be a good one to do fresh on Saturday morning!
Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

5. Jam Drops
We haven't made these in a while but it's a really simple recipe and a favourite for so many people. These cookies will be a popular addition I'm sure!

6. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
These are another great option for kids on the day! Can be sold for a reasonable price per cupcake. No wrappers so no waste!
Ice-cream cone cupcakes

7. Choc Coconut Slice
Last year I made this one and we divided up all of the slices and made mixed trays of slice for people to purchase and this was a popular option.

8. Choc Crackles
2 ingredients and super yummy and popular with kids and grown ups alike!

9. Mini Custard Tarts
I'm not super sure if I'll make these as I have to prioritise this list! But I wanted to make a custard tart last week and so when I saw these I thought they'd be super yummy!
Mini strawberry custard tarts

10. Caramel Fudge
Another great cake stall option is fudge! I think it's all about tempting the patrons! hehe! And fudge is sure to tempt you, right!?
Caramel fudge

I'm trying to narrow this list down a teensy bit so I'm not making ALL of them but I think I'm going to make most! I'm happy that there are a few real quick and cheap options in here and for the slices/cakes I already have all the ingredients on hand anyway.

Our weekend continues with our own school's fete on the afternoon of the election and then a party for Grandma on Sunday! So lots of things to do! Let me get through all the baking first!

What's your favourite thing to buy at a cake stall?