Thursday, February 12, 2015

This space intentionally left blank due to lack of creativity in naming this post....

I have been reading some wonderful blog posts lately. Encouraging things. Exciting things. Interesting things. And I came to realise that I'm getting little bits of time in the evenings once again. I really missed the hour or so of having time just for me while we had a fussy baby in the house! Just time to read, sit on the laptop, take a bath or prepare for the next day.

It's probably been this way for a good month or so now and it's helping with everybody's sanity! Our little lion cub is sleeping SOOO much better in the daytime and sticking with his routine of waking once or twice in the night and at 5 months old I'm still happy to oblige him with a quick feed each time and pop him back into bed!

The girls and I have been keeping busy in our new kitchen! Bad blogger that I am I didn't take many before/during/after shots. I'm just not really stylish like that!! But it's really neat (in the cool way not the neat and tidy way!) And it's making life so much better having a dining table that's not on carpet and not in a separate room! Hooray for a super clever hubby who gutted, installed and revamped this space into something fabulous!


We're all easing into life with new commitments this year. Prep for Miss Daisy, preschool for Li'l Peppa and one day where the little Lion Cub and I get the day to ourselves! :) I really want to ease into an even more consistent rhythm with the girls, especially relating to morning and evening routines. Do you have a rhythm/routine that works for your family? 

Anyway, there is laundry to be folded and Valentine's Craft to be prepared for playgroup tomorrow which thanks to the promise of rain will be here tomorrow! Eeep! 
We're going to paint some cute little love bugs on stones and some other love heart themed story stones! My partner in crime just asked me if she should bring glitter... my response... I'm allergic to glitter with that many children! ;)
Are you a lover or a hater when it comes to glitter?!