Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spinach, Pumpkin and Fetta Pie

Days are hit and miss here. Some days we get things done. Other days my three loves (well the two smalls in particular) struggle through the day vying for my attention. Attention which is tricky to give between breastfeeding, shush patting and rocking/any other crazy method of inducing sleep to the sleepless!

Last week we had a particularly successful day! And we baked! We made dinner in advance and even created a little healthy(ish) dessert too!

First up we made a simple shortcrust pastry with butter, flour and iced water. Easy I tell ya!


I love making this yummy frittata but I also am a sucker for pastry... yum! So decided that I'd make it more of a pie/quiche. Call it what you will it was delicious!

We rolled our pastry and lined two 30cm pie dishes. Yes, two! Then we lined them with baking paper and filled with some brown rice I use for blind baking... and we baked them until lightly cooked.

Next we filled each dish with some delicious spinach that we pulled from the veggie patch. I love using food from our garden with the girls. It's so amazing to see their connection with food from the garden to the table! Miss Daisy has acquired a love affair for kale chips!
So in went the spinach, some steamed pumpkin and feta. I also threw in a handful of yummy fresh herbs from the garden, spring onions, basil and rosemary and grated some cheese over each pie.

Then came the eggs. Our neighbour's chooks are laying really well so we are getting delicious fresh eggs from them regularly! The second pie went to these neighbours, perhaps in exchange for the eggs, or perhaps because they've been having my three kids over to play to give me a break the last few weeks. Or perhaps it's just because we love our neighbours!

So the eggs, I think I used around 8 eggs and added milk (would've added cream if I had it). Whisk whisk whisk and then pour evenly over each pie, filling the gaps!

Then back in the oven until cooked!

Hubby arrived home to no kids and one pie left on the stove top fresh out of the oven. And he promptly called our other neighbours who then brought their kids over for a chimenea, some wine and helped us polish off this pie. And a delish quinoa and kale salad we whipped up. See I told you I was having a good day. 

We seriously live in such a wonderful little community! 

Not much of a recipe (or post for that matter!) but it's sort of one from the head, or perhaps it's from the heart! :) One I'll make again regardless! :)