Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Love To Dream Swaddle Up

If you follow me on instagram then you'd know that our little lion cub has decided that he does not like to sleep in the daytime hours unless he is nicely snuggled in and nestled in our arms. Rocking, shushing, dancing, patting are all part of his day sleep repertoire. Oh boy!!

We received a Love To Dream Swaddle Up when our little lion cub was about 4 weeks old. 
The first two times we used it he threw up on it so it spent time in the washing basket. (Mt Washmore can be rather large these days!)
Then we seemed to have the world's worst sleeper on our hands from around the same time. So we've been wrapping him arms down, straight jacket style in a very stretchy wrap. (Note: this did not help him sleep any better!)

He's reached the 10 week mark (where did that time go?!) and his sleep has improved (ever so) slightly. And now that he's a little stronger he fights that straight jacket and gets his arms up and out. He wants them up! But he is not ready to be completely unwrapped.

This is where the Love to Dream Swaddle Up came back out to play full time! Below is a pic of him ever so small with a full view of the Swaddle Up. This is a medium for my big boy who was nearly 6kg at just one month old!

His hands are up by his face the way he likes it. It's so nice and snug and contoured to his body shape. 

The zip is a two way zip and there's a space in the back so that it could be worn in a pram or car seat. Also good to keep arms in for any quick overnight nappy changes during sleep times for minimum disturbance!

He definitely sees being zipped into the Swaddle Up as a sleep cue which is great! And I think the snugness around his body is comforting for him too.

Here he is this week all snuggled in his cot. Sleeping in his cot is still a rarity here during the day but we are persevering with attempting to have him sleep in his cot when we can! And we've had a few small victories!


And there's nothing like some milk drunk smiles to make you giggle! 

You can find out more about the Swaddle Up over at the Love To Dream website.
For older children you might like to read my past review of the Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag.

Now hit me with your sleep tips! We'll give anything a shot!

Disclaimer: Although I was not paid to write this post I was gifted a Swaddle Up from Love to Dream. All opinions are my own :)