Thursday, October 2, 2014

A new(ish) kitchen

We've recently made a few changes... we sold our first home which was bittersweet. We drove past on the day of settlement which I thought would be a quick look-see... but as we drove away I looked back. The tears welled, the memories all flooded into my mind at once (as they are now) and I was saddened to see it go. We lived with an outside bathroom for just over 3 years. We renovated the bathroom, bedrooms and lounge ourselves. We polished floorboards, painted walls and built a big deck!!

We raised our fur babies there and had one or two (or 6) different cars while living there!

We brought our beautiful Daisy girl home to that house and she lived there, took her first steps and many other little milestones there. So naturally those memories will be cherished. And that house hold a special place in my heart.

But onward and upward... our bush abode has been our home for just over two years now. We've added two more beautiful babes to our brood and we couldn't be happier... well, that was until hubby suggested putting in a new kitchen - I did get a wee bit happier then!
We've compromised on the 'new kitchen' idea as neither of us likes to spend money unnecessarily... and have decided to replace the oven and cook top with whizz bang new appliances. And to paint the cupboards  (which are in good working order and a layout we're happy with) and replace the handles to achieve a new look. We're also thinking we'll replace the 70's orange bench tops... unless I can work that into our new theme!

If you follow me on Pinterest you'd have noticed an influx on my Home Sweet Home board over the last few days! Lots of ideas and inspiration and so many decisions to make.

Here's a little of what I'm loving...
Funky Retro Kitchen. love the color splashes w/ white cabinets, fun chandelier...color appliance?    Retro kitchen is a #retro #kitchen with a fun vibe.i think this is fun but probably wouldn't go for itThese cupboards are simple with no routing like ours. Painted they could work with some seriously expensive hardware.small sliding door in kitchen...Retro Kitchen - Kitchen Decor Ideas - Country Living
Smiths Sectric electric wall clock.I have a roll of the wallpaper which was on the walls in my Gran's kitchen which I would love to use! And I also have my Gran's wall clock which was in her kitchen (see left).

So my inspirations are a plenty! And now it may become a reality! The kitchen was the only part of our previous home we didn't renovate and it's all that we have left to do here as well. I'm getting excited!

We wish to pay cash so will spend the next few weeks saving our $$ specifically for this project and then get started! So watch this space for our progress!

What would your dream kitchen include? Do you have a kitchen inspiration board on Pinterest? I'd love to follow!! Leave me a link!