Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Musings

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Australia, that day in the year that's devoted to making our mums feel fabulous. My day was fabulous... but it was also challenging.... hubby slept in not I, a sick baby, a car/carseat to clean (from sick baby!), locked out of the house, copious amounts of washing, etc etc... 

However it made me think about all the other days in the year when I am celebrated and blessed by both my husband and my girls. The days where I'm given a sleep in, a break for the afternoon, small gifts, whispered I love you's and my expectations of this one day in the year were easily muted.

We're spending many of our mornings by the fire now that Autumn has come in full force. The trees are changing and I love hearing Miss Daisy's recollections of this season from last year! Li'l Peppa is enjoying the leaves and marvelling at the colours too!

We're still a family of makers. So baking, sewing and other handiwork are always on our agenda. Miss Daisy loves those special moments together that are reserved for when Li'l Peppa is in bed... as do I!
This is her first 'real' sewing creation and she's slowly completing it in her own way and her own time.

Our little boy is growing and I love feeling him moving about... aware that this could be our last baby I am trying to relish in each moment of this pregnancy and soak it all up!

My sewing table is piled high with gifts and projects and I've actually got a run sheet showing me the order in which I need to have them all done! But it's keeping me accountable and motivated so that's a good thing I suppose! The girls enjoy seeing fabric become something and I love sharing that with them too... although it's always a case of make one to keep and one to giveaway as they fall in love with every piece!!