Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Ombré Purple Hair Ends

DIY Ombre Dip Dyed Purple Hair

Do you find it difficult to get to the hairdresser? I do. Sometimes I find it hard to find time for a shower long enough to wash my hair or shave my legs - and never long enough for both!

Well, on the weekend I decided to bite the bullet and dye my own hair! I wanted to dip dye the ends of my hair a purple ombre like I've had at the hairdresser in the past. Surely it couldn't be too hard and if it was awful I could always cut it off, right?

I armed myself with a $4.95 hair dye, a children's paintbrush and an empty Tim Tam container - yep, those darn things do run out! So you can see I was taking a professional approach here!

My quick tips for doing your own purple ombre dip dye ends are:

- have all your equipment ready to go before you start (towels too!)
- use conditioner to tone down the colour (see video)
- have a comb to get a really even coverage (I didn't have one so had to really scrub it in with my paintbrush!)

It took me about an hour in total which included gathering bits and pieces, watching the YouTube tutorial a few times, applying the colour, processing time, then rinsing and finally having a long hot shower and washing my hair! Oh and a blow dry! Awesome right!?

So here is the end result... unfortunately not the best lighting but it's purple, it's ombre and I love it!

Do you DIY when it comes to hair or leave it to the experts?

Here's the great tutorial that I used! So many great tips in here and I just love this video! :)