Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On my heart: Life around here

We've come to the end of the school holidays. That means Daddy's back to work and we're to settle back into our normal rhythm and daily routines. Daisy and I enjoyed some extra time in our garden on Monday. Digging out some of our plants that had gone to seed and adding some of our rich compost and worms to the soil! We're looking forward to planting our Summer crops but I can't pull out all the Winter bounty that's still providing us with rich food on our plates!

We'll adjust back into missing Daddy on our slow mornings and long afternoons. Planning dinners and the grocery lists to match. So far this week we've run errands, done groceries, picnicked at our park and done lots of fun things at home together.


I'm also hoping that this will be the term where I put myself into gear and start fervently with more preschool style activities fit for Miss Daisy's active mind and for Little Peppa's inquisitive nature! My Pinterest boards are busting at the seams! Now to put them into action! You can check out my instagram feed to see what we're up to on a daily basis.

We've had some great times with our friends and neighbours over the break. An older couple from up the road came yesterday for wine and cheese! We've had dinner parties and afternoon teas too! Any excuse! We really love this little community.

Daisy girl is growing in confidence and really coming into her own! She loves to jump off everything these days and is constantly making towers of cushions and furniture to jump off. Not surprisingly her 'baby' sister follows along!

Daisy girl has also mastered the slide on her own! Yes she's 3 but having come off a slide and being knocked out briefly (yeah, not nice!) when she was 2 she's taken it cautiously since. Now she's super proud of her new trick!
And this. Well. It was a lucky shot. I wanted a sun flare - I didn't know I'd get this. But that rainbow perfectly sums up my feelings outside yesterday afternoon. We really enjoy time together outside this little family of mine!
Hoping the blog will once again return to normal after I've had a blissfully slow few weeks with the people I love.
How are you going? 
Done anything exciting lately?