Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bubble Wrap Painting and Collage {with links to 10 fabulous bubble wrap activities}

Since Miss Daisy is mostly confined to being seated in one place or another around the house I've been trawling through my favourite blogs and finding inspiration to keep us both occupied so as not to go stir crazy!

Of course one of my first stops was Aunty Hannah at Paint On The Ceiling. Her blog is full of so many wonderful ideas, some we've tried and the others all wait on our to do list. I've packed away bits of bubble wrap since seeing Hannah's first post on Bubble Wrap Printing. Then last week Daddy received a parcel in the mail that was wrapped in a large sheet of bubble wrap. It was perfect timing to keep Miss Daisy entertained and I had lots of fun too!

This was only two days after her injury so she's still in the 'back slab' which is a half cast and she was still quite sore and sorry with the top of her leg exposed. It was great to be creative and paint without too many restrictions or instructions. I cut out some shapes that she could apply paint to and print with onto coloured paper and card. Other pieces she just painted as she liked and of course by the end our palette was brown.

I've had to work out systems to 'get things done' around here whilst still keeping Miss Daisy happy. She still needs to be carried everywhere (although today she got a little bit of a bum shuffle going!) so I take a picnic blanket with me outside to hang the washing out. We hung our paintings out to dry too and then Miss Daisy settled down with a thrift store Sesame Street puzzle set and I hung the washing!

Once back inside with our dried bubble wrap prints (it took no time at all in this weather) Miss Daisy and I grabbed scissors and glue and set out to create a collage.

We were inspired by Hannah's amazing collages here (definitely go there for inspiration!) and Miss Daisy was adamant that the yellow spots would make a giraffe!

Miss Daisy enjoys practicing with scissors and cut around the basic shapes of some circles, squares and this heart. She decided that the top middle section of the heart was best 'cut out' by tearing it precisely by hand!

We were doing this for entertainment, skills practice and pure enjoyment so I had no specific end plan, only that Miss Daisy enjoy the process.

And enjoy it she did. She has promised several friends that when they come over they can do some bubble paintings too!

Have you used bubble wrap for craft or painting!?

Here's some other great ideas that we're going to try out with our remaining bubble wrap. Such a great way to reuse something that would otherwise go straight to landfill.

- Bubble Wrap Snow Paintings from A Little Learning for Two

- A DIY Sensory Board from Laughing Kids Learn

- An amazing large scale Bubble Wrap Painting from An Everyday Story

- Printing With Highlighters from Learn With Play at Home

- Book inspired bubble painting from My Little Bookcase

- Add bubble wrap to your list of Things to Save like Picklebums

- Make your own wrapping paper with a rolling pin at Childhood 101

- Or use textas for some Printing Fun inspired by Octavia & Vicky

- Some sensory rolling fun with Mummy Musings and Mayhem

- And don't forget to visit Hannah's amazing collage here

Just for fun: If you're a regular reader I wonder if you'd like to do a treasure hunt in the images above. One of the photos contains something quite ironic...can you guess what it is?? :)