Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On my heart: Poppy and Pot plants

So when you're a blogger. You might just find yourself kneeling on the bathroom floor at 10:30 to take a shot of your bathroom sink. Yes. That.  Here it is. Almost fully reno'd. We always leave a little trim for a year or so later!! Watch the wolf Miss Daisy added to the blackboard door... And I'm pretty sure the glass needs cleaning!

Don't worry. While I was down there I zoomed in a little. 
You might find it hard to decide if I'm going to blog about the tap or the plant. Shame on you if you've not read my title! 

It's the pot plant that had me down on one knee. You see it didn't always look this green. It didn't always live inside. And it didn't always have a pot. 

And now I'm laying in bed typing in a dark room on my iPhone... Listening to my hubby breathing as he sleeps next to me and tears are rolling down my cheeks. 

This plant is special. Miss Daisy broke it off at Nanna and Poppy's (Hubby's grand's) house some months back and of course in true Pop fashion he made some gruff joke and ruffled Miss Daisy on the head and left her questioning his reaction. Followed quickly by another trademark 'come here you' and a cuddle proving he was joking after all!
Then he told her how if she planted this one it would grow. She was amazed!

Me? Well I wasn't very hopeful because we aren't particularly green thumbed. 
But she insisted it would grow. So she carefully nursed it home, falling asleep and dropping it somewhere along the way, it spent the night on the car floor. 
The following day she recalled Pop's instructions and we retrieved it and stuck it in the veggie patch. Literally. 

It stayed this way for a number of weeks. Getting pulled in and out a few times by Li'l Peppa. Over and under watered by Miss Daisy. And generally speaking, forgotten by me. 

Until Poppy got sick. Real sick. Real fast. 
We had 11 days I think, before he passed away, in his home, with his family. 

I had 10 years with him as my Pop. Almost the same as I had with my own Grandad except one was as a child. One an adult. I remember both dearly but differently. And I'm so pleased one had the joy of loving my children.  

Did I mention tears?

So you can imagine the plant took on more significance to me in those 11 days. For me. For Miss Daisy. For what I would tell Miss Daisy in the future. So I grabbed this pot I'd thrifted a year or so ago. Planted the 'cutting' lovingly and willed it to grow. It spent its first little while in the yard. However, we all agree that it's been a beautiful addition to our bathroom. And I don't think it'll ever go back outside. We love it too much!

It started as a little broken piece. Snapped off by a careless act of a child. 

It has become so much more.