Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Handmade Farm Play Mat

Last Wednesday morning I explained to Miss Daisy that later that day we were meeting her Auntie and cousins at the op shop and we would be able to choose some toys or books to buy!
As usual she was quite excited and on this particular morning declared, "I'm going to buy some farm animals..." I was quite happy with her idea but a little unsure that she'd find her specific items but nonetheless we set out in search of farm animals!!

And amazingly we came across these six creatures for just $5. I've seen similar figurines in the shops for almost this amount per animal. They're a great size for toddler hands and look very realistic. These were perfect! We were both happy!

When we got home Miss Daisy took her farm animals around the house with her. Stopping to give them a ride to the tune of Row Row Row your Boat in the washing basket... and also giving them a wash with some antibacterial wipes (something she's grown accustomed to helping me do when we buy op shop toys/books!)

We both agreed that these animals needed a farmyard and a big red barn... so we set about looking in our books for what farms looked like and we also did some google searching for farmyard play sets.

It was then I remembered this fabulous knitted farm made by Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts. I loved this at first sight but not being a knitter I thought that this was out of my reach.

A little googling of fabric farm play sets came up with this cute barn which I thought was too fiddly for a one night project! So I decided to pull out some fabric scraps and let Miss Daisy decide on a layout for her farm!

Just For Daisy: Handmade Farm MatJust For Daisy: Handmade Farm Mat

We laid out the fabrics the way she wanted them... with a little guidance from our pictures. I then cut out a backing piece from a cute denim I had lots of... then I sewed them together haphazardly and made a patch worked front... the off shapes were a little tricky to piece/sew... all rectangles might be easier next time - but that's how Miss Daisy wanted it!! So it all stayed!

We had picked up the woolen scarf from the op shop too and I chopped it to create some textured interest around the farm. Yellow hay bales, some mud, flower gardens, vege beds, a pond and a grassy area. I love the way the look against the fabric!

I put some cotton batting in between the quilt top and the denim back and at this stage all I've done is use my overlocker to finish the edge. I'm hoping to do some binding like I would if I made a regular quilt but that will come with time!
Just For Daisy: Handmade Farm Mat

It's provided so much fun for both girls and it's interesting to see each of their interpretations of both the animals and the farm. I love watching and listening to them play!

Definitely one to try at home with some of your scraps! :) A fairly simple project and one that your child will love no matter the quality of your stitching!

Here's how I found it last night. Abandoned for the night but still being played with each day by both girls with their own additions to 'the farm' constantly growing!

Just For Daisy: Handmade Farm Mat