Saturday, September 14, 2013

Handmade: Fabric Hanging Hand Towels

It's my mum's birthday on Monday... I've had these in mind for her for awhile since I pinned them way back! Mum has used the pretty Granny made market stall crocheted hand towels for sooo long. She's got some that are very loved and most are made with tea towels so aren't super absorbent for drying hands.

I decided to make these for her birthday gift... but I can't crochet! Thankfully this pattern is perfect because the hanging component is sewn not crocheted! Yay - fabric hanging hand towels! And for extra absorbency I decided that I would use bathroom hand towels instead... something my Mr's Nanna has done for us and is great!

The pattern comes from Kleios Belly . If you read here often you'd know in cases like this and this that I don't have a printer that works! Well, I couldn't print this pattern off either... but decided to just sketch it out myself. I sketched it all as one piece, so it looked a funny shape like this knot hat pattern here! It was easy to freehand so if you can't print still go ahead with this great project!

I followed the instructions over there too and they were great, the only thing I didn't do was gather the top of the towel. Instead I folded it in thirds so that it would slip into the bottom of the casing I'd made! :) Easy peasy! (I also machine stitched the buttons on! I love it!! What a time saver!!)

A quick and simple gift but one that's useful and I hope is well received! :)

Here they are hanging happily on my oven... with bad 10pm light! :) 
But seriously, they're cute and they're now on the handmade gift in an hour list!
Great for using up fabric off cuts!