Monday, August 12, 2013

Sickness and Sunshine

Just when we thought that the colds, flus and just generally the colour green had left our home... we seem to be back to square one. We missed out on a party this weekend for a special one year old girl... sharing the afore mentioned colour at a party never goes down well so we had to make our apologies!

The weather was absolutely glorious though. We had sun, blue sky and temperatures above 20'C! Amazing since it's been closer to half that of late! 

My girls are both so drawn to the outdoors. From her earliest days, Li'l Peppa was easily settled with a trip outside into our yard. Now that she's walking she is a force to be reckoned with indoors and out! She runs, climbs and wriggles her way to where she wants to go, and fast!


We had some new seedlings that were ready to plant in our veggie patch. Mostly herbs but Miss Daisy had also chosen some beets. We're hoping to nurture them through any frosts but thankfully all but the basil and chives are born and bred here so should be frost hardy! We'll wait and see.

Milkshakes seem to be the flavour of the month. Miss Daisy even found a straw! Usually the shakes are made from stones and pebbles from our driveway so this was a special flavour!


After a weekend of coughing, sneezing and wiping noses and eyes, I'm thankful for a little time as a family spent in the sunshine. We've loved being able to eat from our garden almost every night. And have been learning so much about using the whole plant, particularly with our brocolli and cabbage as we await the 'real deal' we're enjoying their bountiful leaves in stir frys, salads and as many other ways we can imagine! Amazing!