Thursday, August 15, 2013

On my heart: Growing in the sun

It's amusing that I popped this photo in a draft post on my phone amidst the crazy 20'C Winter splendour days we were getting a week or so ago! Sun! Heat!

It's now topping 10'C when we're lucky and the wind chill and ominous snow cloud in the sky make it feel like about 2'C. 

But we're still making the most of playing outside. Enjoying our garden and its bounty, our inherited cubby house and sand pit and the newly positioned outdoor kitchen. So much fun to be had outside and it seems to refresh us all no matter what the mood of the day. 

And I love seeing Miss Daisy marvel as we wander round the block and discover new bulbs in full bloom or fruit trees beginning to blossom!

So we're looking forward to Spring and some warmth once again. But we're thankful for the sun and some good Winter coats. 

Have you played outside today?