Friday, June 7, 2013

Toy Room/Bedroom Makeover : New Rug

We recently moved Miss Daisy back into the big room, the toy room, her room. And being true to myself, I've moved her furniture around 3 times since! You see, it's the most amazingly big room with two gorgeous windows letting in fabulous sunshine all day long! It made a great toy room while our girls shared the smaller bedroom.

{Rewind} In one of our attempts to get Li'l Peppa to sleep better we moved Miss Daisy into Li'l Peppa's room as we thought she liked the company, to hear her sister's breathing and to know she wasn't alone. Well, fast forward a few months and it hadn't done a lot of good. But we did now have an almost 3 year old waking up to her sister's cries with a very indignant, "Come get me, Ivy woke me up again!" Cute, if it weren't 2am and I wasn't already feeding the afore mentioned sister!Just For Daisy :: Toy Room Makeover
So here we are, with our girls in two separate rooms once again. And Miss Daisy's room doubling as a toy room/play area for the girls (and rambunctious friends) to share. 

Just For Daisy :: Toy Room Makeover

Basically in Daisy girl's room she has her bed, a desk (which was my Dad's childhood desk) which she likes to draw/colour/write at, a bookshelf with some favourite books, the ottoman from our lounge suite (which won't fit in the lounge room!) as a comfy reading space, her kitchen oven daddy built and her (modest(ish)) collection of other random toys. Perfect start!

Many emails make their way into my inbox, and sometimes they're offering me free things! Well, often it's something not particularly relevant but one of the most recent was from offering me one of their fabulous products to review. When I saw the rug section on their website I knew a cozy rug would be the perfect bedroom/toy room addition heading into the Winter months. And boy was I right!
Delivery was very quickly organised... and arrival of our goodies was prompt! Our rug arrived in perfect condition and we set about shuffling furniture. (Thankfully Miss Daisy was happy for the furniture to move as long as it didn't go out her door!)

I decided since play in this room is shared with Li'l Peppa, I'd create a separate reading space using the rug and ottoman. Miss Daisy has been suitably impressed by this arrangement and put it to good use reading her books and setting up her library game over and over again! She makes a charming librarian.

Daisy girl at play

Just For Daisy :: Toy Room Makeover

Just For Daisy :: Toy Room Makeover

The rug has already flattened out a lot (comes rolled) and it's got a lot of love already! Both girls enjoy playing in this new space and it's amazing how a change can bring a newfound love for old toys.
I'd still love to make this space more colourful, add some new things to the walls and particularly more of Miss Daisy's art!