Saturday, June 8, 2013

Perseverance. Let's recap.

A very long time ago (just over 2 years really but it seems like forever ago) I wrote a post about the perseverance of a determined little spider in our yard. He was there consistently for quite some time, always returning each evening and spinning his web in the same location, sometimes from the house to the lawn and sometimes from the house to the car!

I remarked then how it demonstrated the patience and perseverance of the spider. It's not at all worried that it must spin a new web each evening in order to have food, safety and a place to call his own! And after creating such a work of art I'd be quite proud to call that place my own!

So here I am again, reminded of the patience and determination of this tiny creature. Of the perfectly imperfect web that he'd constructed the afternoon I took this photo. Look at the intricacy, the neat and the messy.

And here I am in my perfectly imperfect home. Building my web day after day, holes and all. Packing and unpacking the dishwasher. Washing and folding laundry. Making meals. Scraping uneaten meals. Changing nappies. Chopping firewood. Picking up toys. Running errands. The list goes on and on... and then repeats, a bit like a kids CD playing in the car! (Is it just me who finds myself playing these even in the car alone!)

But I'm pleased to have come across this old post. This memorable photograph. Because it reminds me of how I thought life was busy then and how it's just got busier. Fuller.
I still marvel at the grace and new mercies I receive each and every new day. Of finding my purpose and strength in Him alone. And I'm renewed. I'm ready to build my web over and over again.

How's your web building these days? Hope you're enjoying your daily repetitions, whatever that is for you! xx

PS. Have you seen the episode of Peppa Pig where Daddy Pig has a spider web attached to his car. Poor Daddy Pig, he's always copping a hard time isn't he!?