Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blogging Tips : How to post a link in comments

I love visiting other blogs. I love leaving comments too! I especially love blogs that don't have the captcha security feature turned on... although lately they've been easier to decipher! But sometimes I struggle! (That's another post though!)

Another thing I sometimes like to include in comments on blogs I visit is a link to somewhere else on the internet or in particular back to my own blog. This is a bit of a grey area as I don't want to be seen to be spamming or fishing for people to visit my own blog. However, sometimes it's truly relevant to share something from your own blog with blog friends or with new connections!

Here's an easy way to include a link in the comments section that is not intrusive to other bloggers. It will create a text link to your post that is a different colour to the rest of your comment. Highlighting where to go without a spammy looking extended link in the comment.

Here is a comment I left on my friend Hinterland Mama's blog tonight...

You can see my link is included as a text link with the title of my choice. I usually make this part of my comment that is relevant so that I don't have a really obvious 'please click here' piece of text within my comment! See, not spammy at all! :)

So here's how you do it! 

Copy/paste this code into the comment:

<a href="URL">Title</a>

Replace the URL with the URL of the site/post your are linking to and replace the title with whatever text you'd like to have appear in the comment.

Easy peasy isn't it! :) Feel free to practice in the comments section below and try out your new found skill! :) 

I'd love to be linked back to your blog to say hello! :)

Have you ever wondered how to: